We design, build and launch digital products—both for clients and for our own ventures.

A lot of what we do is in music, media, technology and the arts. That’s where we come from, and that’s where our heart is.

We work with the likes of Red Bull, Ableton and Nike, as well as some of the most inspiring new businesses from Berlin to Brooklyn. We build bridges between these two worlds, connecting big brands’ needs and the startup world’s constant drive for innovation.

Whatever we do, we aim to find the best possible answer to three questions. How can we satisfy actual user needs? How can we, as a company, create the most value? And, most importantly, what can we do to really push a business or team forward?

It’s this desire to see people and projects grow, that truly drives A Color Bright.

What we offer

  • Product Design and Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Strategy and Consulting

How we work

  • A deep understanding of the cultural context of our work
  • Work agile, without clinging to a specific process
  • Integrated teams of senior designers and developers
  • Focus on the essence, build and ship fast, learn from data

What we believe in

  • Passion and persistence
  • Attitude and open discussion
  • Obsessing over the right details and always looking for that new ‘thing’

Who we are

  • Founded in 2013
  • Based in Berlin-Kreuzberg
  • Senior team of designers, developers and strategists
  • Clients in US, UK, Germany