(Senior) Web Developer

At A Color Bright, we build digital products. That includes everything from long-term partnerships as an independent in-house team, to fun and playful one-off projects, to our own presentation software venture Deckset. Whatever we do, we are interested in moving businesses forward and creating things with a point of view on the world they exist in. As a team, we care about maintaining a spirit of respectful, open communication that enables collaboration and continuous learning.

Our products are usually web apps built right through the full stack, primarily either as single page apps with React (often via Next + TypeScript) or more traditional web apps with Django. However, we are determined to use the best tool for the job, so our stack can vary as far as using React Native for mobile apps. We are always looking for better ways to do things and will test new technologies as the opportunity arises (while never switching just for the sake of it). Throughout, we maintain a strong focus on accessibility and performance.

Our process is agile without clinging to a specific methodology, but usually includes daily stand-ups for us to align with each other and retrospectives to learn from our collective experiences.

What you’ll do here

You will mostly build web applications as part of an integrated team, following processes and closely collaborating with designers and other developers. You will support and develop the skills of more junior developers and take on feedback from your fellow team members with a view to constant improvement. You will also take responsibility for liaising with clients and other stakeholders on technical matters.

About you

You are a forward-thinking, diligent professional who can teach us something and who is keen to learn from their peers. You are committed to the craft of writing code, have an interest in new technology and the culture around our projects, and want to make a contribution to the culture of our company.

You recognise the reality and importance of collaborating with your teammates. If you just want to put on your headphones and code, we are probably not the right company for you.

Core competencies

  • You demonstrate empathy and respect for others
  • You can tolerate changing requirements and situations and adapt accordingly
  • You thrive in a culture of open feedback and communication
  • You are an engaged, creative and supportive team member
  • You take responsibility for supporting junior developers
  • You are an effective communicator in English (German a plus)

Technical competencies

  • You are a seasoned web developer
  • You have solid experience with JavaScript (TypeScript a plus) and at least one web framework like React, Ember, Vue or Angular
  • You can work independently and solve problems in a directed way
  • You have an ongoing commitment to improvement and the ability to pick up new skills quickly
  • You have demonstrated experience collaborating with other developers as part of a team
  • You know that accessibility is not an optional extra
  • You understand the importance of semantic HTML
  • You aren’t afraid of CSS (you don’t belittle it, either)
  • You take code quality and performance seriously, and this is reflected in your approach
  • You believe in pair programming, software testing and code reviews
  • You seek simple solutions to complex problems


  • Production experience with at least one modern server-side framework like Django, Rails, or Express
  • Experience developing mobile apps, whether native iOS or Android or with a framework like React Native or Flutter

What we offer

  • Solid salary and benefits. We offer an above-average salary and 28 days of paid time off, with semi-flexible working hours.
  • Career development opportunities. Regularly exchange feedback, participate in strategic company off-sites, and access a professional development budget to spend on conferences, seminars, and books.
  • Experienced, international, engaged team. We are from Croatia, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Northern Ireland, with decades of experience in design and development between us.


  • Full-time, either remote or in Berlin.
  • Working language English.
  • Starting ASAP and interested in a longer-term commitment.

How to apply

We’d obviously like to know what you have done in your life so far. In addition to that we’re interested in your answers to the following three questions:

  • Why do you want to join A Color Bright?
  • Which niche or aspect of web development are you particularly interested in right now?
  • What made you want to become a developer in the first place and why are you still committed to the profession?

Please send your answers to Alice, along with anything else we should know about you.