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Future Farm Logo as a 3D render made of grass placed on a scaled up image of a vegan burger with sauce dripping out of it

Future Farm

A global brand website for the future of food


A new brand and refreshed digital experience for a disruptive news curation platform

Resonance and reason

Whether it’s taking a new business to market or getting a global superbrand to diversify and invite new audiences into their world: the most powerful brands are those that resonate with shifts in society and everyday life. What is the cultural context we operate in and how can we find a meaningful space within it?

Connecting brand and product

We approach our branding process from a truly digital-first perspective and have vast experience with connecting brand and product design work. Combining cultural understanding with a yearlong expertise in UX/UI and web design, we create holistic experiences for your customers beyond the hot flavor of the season.


A state-of-the-art website and shop, true to the Berlin icon’s ethos and aesthetics

First on Soundcloud

Celebrating the creators who start on SoundCloud first

Bring life to brands

Brands come alive through the stories and interactions they spark. Through our cross-functional teams that span strategy, website design, social media content creation, copywriting, audio and (vertical) video production, we are able to extend brand development to almost any touchpoint that matters in the digital world: ensuring audiences are addressed – and listened to – in truly engaging ways.


A hospitality brand and website like no other

Brand Services

  • Research
  • Landscape mapping
  • Brand strategy, Positioning, Narratives
  • Naming
  • Brand design
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Copywriting
  • Social strategy

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