Ableton Push

We worked with Ableton on the user interface of Push.

Push in Action

Since their foundation in 1999, Ableton have fundamentally changed how music is created and performed. Their products, Live and Push, are used by a dedicated community of music makers around the world. Or, in other words: If you’ve been to a nightclub or festival at any point in the past decade, you know what they are up to.

Push Detail

We collaborated closely with Ableton’s in-house teams to design the user interface for the latest generation of Push.

We art directed a custom typeface for use in Ableton’s physical and digital user interfaces created by type designer Göran Söderström.

Ableton Typeface designed by Göran Söderström
Prototype of the Push 2 display
Prototype of the Push 2 display
Finetuning the interactions
Push Zoomed in Details