A hotel website like no other

Women in a Michelberger Hotel Room Laughing

More than Berlin’s #1 boutique hideaway, Michelberger is a true creative hotbed, bringing together independent minds from all walks of life. The new website is designed to reflect its unique vibe—while offering a state-of-the-art discovery and booking experience.

Working closely with the Michelberger founders and team, we envisaged the concept and brought it to life.

From rooms and restaurants to music festivals and coconut water, there are many elements that make up the Michelberger multiverse. The website’s colorful information architecture and navigation builds on this idea.

The hotel’s various spaces are presented with a focus on human interaction, life, love. The photography by London-based image maker Ben Stockley also references color treatments to reinforce the spectral concept.

Booking a room on the internet usually sucks. So, instead of using out-of-the-box products, we created a seamless booking experience building on a custom-made API from industry standard SynXis/Navarino. Despite the visual exuberance, the site is extremely fast, ensuring a great on-the-go mobile experience.