Digital Product Designer

We’re looking for a designer to work with us on projects/products and help us shape how we operate.

At A Color Bright, we design, build and launch digital products. That’s what we all love, no matter our background or particular skill set: Do everything it takes to take a loose idea all the way to people’s screens – and hopefully make their lives a tiny bit more joyful. We are looking for a designer to help us get even better at every single step of this process.

A Color Bright was founded by designers. Design is what drives our thinking, and we love obsessing about our role in a world dominated by customer experience: how can we help a product, project or organisation elevate through design.

We are always keen to change our perspectives, discover new tools, and keep our minds fresh. ACB is still a young company with a team of ten — designers and developers; and we are still in the process of fully defining how we operate. This is why we want your input, not just your ability to make good product decisions and create crisp interfaces. Design, to us, is about constantly learning from each other, and aiming to make things doper.

First of all, you’ll join the team to work on longer-term ventures, both our own and for clients like Red Bull and Ableton. Here the work ranges from discovery (what’s the actual problem?) to presenting your ideas to clients, to sitting down with the developers to get the details right. Research, iteration, product roadmap, all that. We think that we are in a pretty special position with most of our clients. They come to us because of our experience and our ability to drive projects as a whole, not just because they need a “digital agency” to “execute”.

Secondly, you’ll help create apps and artefacts that use the medium in creative ways. A lot of what we do happens to be in music – an indie publishing platform from L.A.; a cultural centre in New York; a conference in Berlin; a global online radio service. Usually, these projects are not purely about user-centric product design. They are also about being expressive and coming up with interesting ideas that can make an impact on the web.

Thirdly, you’ll constantly learn and share your newly acquired knowledge. The lines between design, prototyping and coding keep blurring. Design work already happens on the in-between-two-views as much as on the views themselves. We want everyone to push our processes and contribute to all of us getting better designers. We aren’t always great at that, and at times, shit just has to get done. But we’re trying, hard.


  • Full-time from our office in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
  • English at work, pushing for German over lunch and beers. 😀
  • Solid salary.
  • Starting asap and generally open to a longer-term commitment.

Please share your portfolio and anything else you think we should see. In addition to that, we’re curious about the following three things:

  • What are you hoping to get out of a position at A Color Bright?
  • What’s your favourite digital thing, and why? (Sounds mental, but: Yes.)
  • What’s the one thing you can bring to a group of people, in and outside of work?

Please send your answers, along with everything else we should know, to Sarah and Sven.