Interested in the intersection of technology and product design?

At A Color Bright, we build digital products. That includes everything from long-term partnerships as an independent in-house team, to fun and playful one-off projects, to our own venture Deckset. Whatever we do, we are interested in moving businesses forward and creating things with a point of view on the world they exist in. As a team, we care about maintaining a spirit that enables collaboration and continuous learning.

We usually build our applications right through the full stack. Right now we are loving React, Redux, Django, Sass, and GraphQL (to give some examples) but we are always curious about the latest <thing>. We try out new technologies as the opportunity arises without switching just for the sake of it. Our process is agile without clinging to a specific methodology. Have a look at our handbook to learn more about what we’ve tried, what we love, and how we work.

You will build mostly web applications, with a focus on frontend. You will work as part of an integrated team, closely collaborating with designers and other developers. We believe in pair programming, test coverage and code reviews, and we take code quality very seriously. If you’re more of a headphones-on, couldn’t-care-less-what-others-think type person, we are probably not the right company for you.

A Color Bright is rather small – by design. That means your work will have a lot of impact, from the get-go. That also means that sometimes s#%§ simply has to get done. But in general, we allow ourselves to focus on one thing at a time, finish it, and learn from it. (“Learn from it” does not involve fixing bugs in IE8. Our clients reach out to us because they are interested in sensible discussions, great design, and a no-bullshit attitude towards solving actual problems.)

You don’t need to have perfect knowledge of a myriad of programming languages or 15+ years of experience to work here. We are generally looking for forward-thinking, diligent professionals who we can learn from and who are keen to learn from their peers; open minds with an interest in design, new technology and the culture around our projects; opinionated people who want to make their own contribution to the culture of our company.


  • Full-time from our office in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
  • English at work, pushing for German over lunch and beers. 😀
  • Solid salary.
  • Starting asap and generally open to a longer-term commitment.

How to apply:

We’d obviously like to know what you have done in your life so far. In addition to that we’re interested in your answers to the following three questions:

  • What would your ideal project look like at A Color Bright?
  • Which niche or aspect of web development are you particularly interested in right now?
  • What made you want to become a developer in the first place?

Please send your answers, along with everything else we should know, to Alice and Sven.