Davide Bortot

Strategy & Content — Move things forwards

Davide has been helping brands be better at what they do for close to 20 years. A former journalist with a degree in Philosophy, his mind is always on creating compelling narratives – no wonder he still pens the occasional feature article on the side.


Sven Ellingen

Strategy & Design — Make things people want

Sven connects design and technology, to create solutions for actual business problems and real user needs. Former Creative Director at Edenspiekermann. Has worked on music apps, publishing architectures, art projects and more. iF, TDC, German Design Award.


Sarah Lincoln

Design — Beautiful, useful things

Heading all things design at ACB, Sarah’s led interdisciplinary teams for projects ranging from editorial to e-commerce. Previously: Design Director at Edenspiekermann and Designer at M&C Saatchi Group (RE:), specialising in brand development. Has a degree from the College of Fine Arts at the UNSW in Sydney.


Philipp Bosch

Development — Engineering for the web and mobile

Software developer since 1997. Focus on cutting-edge web technology. Former Managing Director at webfactory in Bonn and co-founder of Studio SYNTOP in Berlin. Has held lectureships at FH Potsdam, HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, and IUAV Venezia, amongst others.


Alice Rose

Development — Building great user experiences

Alice is always excited to discover new technologies and tools that enable her to create simple, fast experiences for the web. Full-stack developer by trade, linguistics geek at heart. From Christchurch, NZ. Loves her guitar.


Theo Lampert

Development — Get the right details right

Theo is a web developer with a background in design. With stints in Sydney and Stockholm under his belt, he’s worked on a broad range of projects and teams, always with one focus – getting the right details right to make each app as slick, fun and enjoyable to use as possible.


Lauren Dorman

Development — Make the web beautiful and usable

Lauren is a developer with a background in design, hailing from Toledo, Ohio. Her focus: make understanding code scalability easier, to help create performant and accessible experiences. Outside of work: playing with her MIDI controller, finding the best shows, and cycling around the streets of Neukölln.


Colin Willox

Design — Can we talk about our feelings?

Colin is a people-watcher. And a people-watching-people-watcher. As an interaction designer, he loves to learn why humans are the way they are and use design to improve things for them. He also gets to be a goof on stage and tell all kinds of stories as an actor in a Berlin-based improv theater group.


Pawel Dudek

iOS/Mac Development — Clean code and clear UX

Pawel has been building outstanding user experiences for iOS and the Mac since 2009. He’s also the brain behind the Mobile Warsaw meetup and a co-founder of the Mobile Academy. His current focus: Making Deckset even better by day (and playing the bass guitar by night).


Kevin Zeller

Design — Interfaces for how we live today

Kevin has lived in both Saigon and Potsdam (where he’s currently graduating from the University of Applied Science) so he knows a thing or two about adapting to new challenges. He's helmed all things design for Splash! Mag and worked at Volkswagen Group’s Future Center Europe, always with a focus on forward-thinking interfaces.


Frederic Brodbeck

Development — Design = code

A developer with a background in graphic design, Frederic constantly employs new technologies and techniques to produce visuals through code. When away from the keyboard, he's most likely out running somewhere.


Hamish Haydon

Design — Good ideas and effective solutions

Hamish constructs good ideas and effective solutions through simple and honest design. He firmly believes that ongoing communication between all collaborators is integral to a project’s success. Also: The second Kiwi to join our ranks.


Max Kolyanov

Development — New perspectives

Max is interested in all things web, most recently exploring visual aesthetics using WebGL. With a penchant for everything odd and unusual, he likes approaching things from new perspectives. Also: knitting, books, and exploring Berlin's digital art and music scene.