Since 2014, we’ve launched two products: Deckset and Scenery. Running our own ventures is paramount to what we do. It keeps giving us new perspectives on what it takes to make things in the digital space (and to make them successful). It enables us to do better work, both for our clients and for the people using the products we build.


The idea: you write down your thoughts, and Deckset turns them into beautiful slides for you, so you can focus solely on the content.

We launched Deckset in collaboration with iOS/Mac luminaries Chris Eidhof and Florian Kugler back in 2014. It has since become profitable, and we continue to ship updates and add features on a regular basis.


Scenery makes it easy to showcase your digital product or website design on actual devices, with hundreds of premium mock-up templates to choose from and no Photoshop needed.

The idea isn’t new. But we poured an extraordinary amount of care into the photo shootings, image retouching, and making the mock-ups look more realistic than with any other service out there.

  • Featured by Techcrunch, Mac Stories, PAGE and many others
  • One of the first Mac apps to use Swift in production

In addition to the Mac application written in Swift, we’re using a Rails backend to organize the photo packs and to handle user accounts.

All photos were shot at various locations in Berlin, with photographer Zoë Noble.