An identity and home for Brooklyn’s new cultural epicentre

Elsewhere is a new concert hall, nightclub and arts space in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Run by the team behind the legendary Williamsburg venue Glasslands, it is driven by a strong sense of community, independence and creative risk-taking.

Working closely with our friends at Yours Truly Creative, we brought Elsewhere’s mission to life with a bold brand reminiscent of its roots in DIY culture, and a website showcasing both the spirit of this unique space and the daily goings-on.

Our role:

  • Visual identity (in cooperation with Yours Truly Creative)
  • Website design and development

Through customizable event pages and storytelling elements, we combined the desire for a playful experience reflecting the diversity and inclusiveness of Elsewhere’s programming, with the nuts-and-bolts of moving tickets at a large scale. Everything is fully integrated with Eventbrite Venue for seamless management of events.

A flexible system of typefaces, colours, textures and treatments allows the team to create individual posters and moods for each show, while retaining the unmistakable common thread that is so important to stand up in NYC’s cluttered-yet-uniform cultural landscape.

If you’re ever in Brooklyn, you might want to swing by for a night-out, a coffee or a view from their killer rooftop. :)