Re-branding a recruitment chatbot startup

Jobpal is a Berlin-based startup building AI-powered chatbots for the recruiting industry that automates the communication between employers and candidates, with a goal to fundamentally change the candidate experience and make the hiring process more efficient.

To fuel their recent strategic pivot from b2c to b2b, we redesigned their brand and website.

Our role:

  • Brand design
  • Website concept and design

The rounded forms of the logomark take cues from the speech bubbles used across all major messaging platforms.

We developed a comprehensive identity system, including iconography and a custom numberset which both play on the idea of connection and networking.

Jobpal’s value proposition is to offer a “personalised candidate experience at scale”. Accordingly, the visual identity and company site encapsulate both the technical depth of an AI-driven company and the playful character of human conversation.

We worked with the founders and key stakeholders to shape a compelling narrative around Jobpal’s offering. The company has since attracted increasing interest from leading organisations from tech to consulting.