A new kind of audio platform for the streaming age

PEOPLE is a steadily growing collective of artists surrounding Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, and Nadine and Tom Michelberger. In their mission statement, they describe themselves as “freely creating and sharing our work with each other and everyone”. PEOPLE also is an online audio platform – designed to facilitate and nurture this process of creating and sharing.

We co-created – and keep evolving – the platform together with the PEOPLE collective.

Our role:

  • Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Technical architecture
  • Frontend and backend implementation

We worked iteratively from a loose sentiment to an actual, operating service within six months. The goal was to generate an exploratory feel, evoking emotions associated with digging around record stores and sharing tunes on cassette tapes with personal notes.

Much unlike most services of our time, PEOPLE is designed around the idea of music as a genuine expression of creativity and a truly collaborative process. It is artist-centric in that it allows creators to share their work as it was intended, create context, and retain ownership. It is listener-centric in that it entices discovery beyond the promotional mechanisms of the streaming age.

You can read more about it in The Guardian and dive deeper via The Creative Independent.

The backend gives music makers direct control over their music as well as a free space to create cultural and personal context. Credit – and, eventually, revenue – for each song can be freely shared with all contributing artists.

Stay tuned for more features to be added soon – and enjoy the music in the meantime.

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