We turned Red Bull Music Academy into a daily destination for music fiends.

Red Bull Music Academy is a lot of things. It’s a pioneering marketing model and a transformative workshop experience that thousands of talented music makers apply for every year. It’s a conference, a world-traveling festival and an incubator for experimental arts. Now, it’s also an online music publication.

We built on what was essentially a blog within the old website, and developed a strong editorial property of its own: the Red Bull Music Academy Daily.

Our role:

  • Strategic and technical framework
  • Branding and design
  • Frontend and backend implementation

The Daily helped further establish RBMA as a relevant content brand and an endless source for fascinating stories from the worlds of underground music and club culture that few others take the time to thoroughly tell.

Moodboarding session in search of RBMA Daily’s visual identity

We conducted user research at various stages of development

We wanted every story to look different, in the same way that Nigerian highlife from the 60s sounds different to today’s Berlin techno. But at the same time, we had to have a common thread. We aimed to find the visual equivalent to RBMA’s unique tone of voice: a mix of quirky fanzine aesthetics and contemporary editorial in the digital space.

Editors now have the ability to easily compose a piece from scratch. They can pick from various layout options and type styles; customise the color scheme; and organize the display of images and multimedia embeds, depending on the story they want to tell and the quality of the content at hand. They can create elaborate “cover stories”, or quickly bust out a regular, simpler article. To enable this, we built a custom admin system based on CouchDB.

The Daily also offers multiple entry points into the wider RBMA universe. We also gave the main Academy site a full overhaul, including a lecture archive with new discovery options, a more expressive events calendar, and all relevant information for alumni and future applicants.