We worked with Red Bull to launch a new music streaming service.

Red Bull Radio is the brand’s own music streaming service, offering curated shows and mixes from all around the globe. We are responsible for the entire product side: from backend architecture and audio handling to clients for iOS, Android and the web.

We work with a dedicated team on constantly testing, refining and growing the product:

Our role:

  • Strategy and user research
  • Product design
  • Frontend and backend implementation
  • iOS and Android app design and development
  • Continuous product development

2017 is an interesting time for music streaming. We want to find out: How can Red Bull Radio successfully co-exist in a space fiercely fought over by the likes of Apple, Spotify and the BBC, as well as established niche platforms such as Dublab or NTS?

We collaborate closely with Red Bull’s management and editorial teams to develop new features, refine the technical framework and communicate the service’s key proposition to users.

More than “just a website”, we wanted Red Bull Radio to live where people already listen to music: from TuneIn to terrestrial syndication partners. We also designed and built native apps for iOS and Android, in collaboration with our friends at You & The Gang and Karlmax Berlin.

Unlike traditional radio stations, Red Bull Radio’s content comes from a variety of sources. There are live broadcasts, pre-recorded shows, DJ mixes and lives performances, re-plays, one-off spectaculars, and classics from the vault.

We built a custom admin system that allows the international team of programmers to easily put together a 24/7 broadcasting schedule, as well as an infinite number of themed channels for those who are looking for something specific to match their mood.

We continue to refine and grow the service against its core proposition of highlighting under-appreciated talent and providing cultural context to a dedicated audience of music lovers.