We relaunched the record subscription service Vinyl Me, Please.

Vinyl Me, Please are firmly at the forefront of the current vinyl renaissance. Their idea: one handpicked record delivered to your doorstep every month, complete with nifty artwork, in-depth linernotes – and a cocktail recipe for a suitably festive listening ritual. 🍸

We gave their brand and site a full overhaul, turning their key philosophy – picking and promoting music they believe in – into a compelling narrative. This is the next step in the company’s evolution from subscription startup to cultural voice.

Our role:

  • Research, positioning, strategy (in cooperation with Yours Truly Creative)
  • Visual identity
  • Website design and development

Vinyl Me, Please started in 2013 in a living room in Boulder, Colorado. Since then, they’ve grown into a true retail powerhouse and cultural force. We created a brand identity that reflects their new role within the industry, and allows them to extend their curatorial approach to more and more areas. It’s a whole world of wonder, right there on your turntable!

A goal was to contextualise the main product offering. Why is this particular record important? And why rinsing it off Spotify while watching Netflix and checking your Instagram is just not the same?

And, by the way, we really love the Wells Fargo record that we discovered through them.

At its core, Vinyl Me, Please is a subscription service for audiophiles. By signing up, you put a decent chunk of your musical selection process in the hands of their curators. The goal was to keep this offer and funnel as clear as possible, without falling back to your average, bang-for-your-buck, sales pitch clichés. It’s music after all.

Another focus was their editorial offering. VMP’s new magazine offers documentary films, longform writing and extensive lists around vinyl culture and more.